CBS Africa: execMobile IoT customer case study

We ran an article back in November 2020, titled “IoT for Africa: Why execMobile? ”(IoT for Africa) . We believe the customer case study below captures the points raised in that article and demonstrates why you should do your next IoT project with us.

The article addresses issues regarding pan-African SIM Management, customer service, technical expertise and above all SIMpliCity (aptly the name of our management platform).

The Background

Complete Business Services Africa (CSB Africa) supplies world class, Workforce Management and Physical Security solutions from Industry-leading solution providers into various industries across Africa, namely mining and construction. They are trusted by customers throughout Africa for innovative SaaS technology, seamless installation and integration, reliable maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and insightful analytics. All of this would not be possible without seamless connectivity to all sites being monitored.

The Problem

One of CBS Africa’s largest customers in the construction Industry has many remote sites where these T&A devices are used. The project was in one of the largest countries in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With limited network infrastructure, CBS Africa was reliant on mobile coverage to enable their solution is these remote locations.

The Solution(s)

Coverage: execMobile’s SIM cards were able to connect devices anywhere, irrespective of which mobile operator had coverage in that area. Multiple IMSI SIM cards are nothing new, but the technology to ensure these identities can be remotely swopped, has not been perfected by all, specifically if the network originally provisioned is not present. This is pronounced if the IoT provider can only offer limited network partners per country.

SIMpliCity: Mike Ellison, Chief Technology Officer at CBS Africa notes “The biggest advantage being that you don’t have to deal with the local service providers providing Permanent/Public IP addresses or go through the local APN”. He continues, “As soon as the SIM cards are activated in-country, they are live and report home through our communications software, and we are able to directly communicate with the readers.”

Expertise: Like all IoT projects, this project was not without some potholes along the way. CBS Africa were faced with a traffic routing issue, which took a while to resolve. “It literally took two MS Teams meetings with the engineering teams from both sides, and the issue was isolated to an incorrect text address – this a result of the device configuration screen not having sufficient characters to notice the error at the end” concludes Ellison.

Customer Service: Critical events happen at any time. The above demonstrates that it is essential to work with a provider equipped to offer 24/7 tech support hubs across time zones and geographies. This assistance will provide more visibility and better control for faster problem identification and resolution to keep your IoT deployments up and running around the clock.

The Outcome

Work with a provider that will provide you with a dedicated account team and a single point of contact devoted to helping you grow your business, that has the expertise and online tools to ensure faults are logged to resolution.

“Complete Business Services chose to use execMobile’s SIM and associated management and network services to provide a connectivity solution to assist managing our flagship remote Time and Attendance solution, used for collection of this data throughout the African region”. If we are going to take our customers workforce management solutions to the cloud, we needed a trusted connectivity partner and found that in execMobile’s IoT solution.

About execMobile

Get ahead of the competition by partnering with a trusted IoT advisor. With more than 11 years’ experience providing mobile data solutions to customers, and eliminating trial and error involved in optimizing connectivity for your IoT deployments, you can focus on your core business and reduce your time to market.

Celebrate travel – Coverage Update – Effective November 2021

Celebrate travel again with our eSIM on your device and our updated global coverage for 190 counties.

Travel in EU for 14c/MB! (Vodacom charge over R2!)

We have updated our coverage footprint to provide you better global connectivity and services. The update will go into effect on 1 November 2021.

Updated coverage here… pdf.

Thank you for your loyalty and support.

execMobile Team

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Ready, steady, travel with execMobile’s eSim

ExecMobile’s eSim offers the easiest way to connect and get high speed internet access on your eSim devices. Globally. Now for both corporate and leisure travellers!

The Sunday Telegraph reported that later this week, the UK will follow other countries and open hotel-quarantine-free travel. The UK’s “red list” of destinations would be slashed to nine from 54, ensuring fully vaccinated travellers from South Africa will no longer have to quarantine in a government-designated hotel for 10 days, which costs on average £2 285!

The best website we at execMobile have been using to keep abreast of permitted travel destinations is Travel Restrictions Map ( — it draws the all-important distinction between “Covid-19 vaccinated?” or not.

If you are able to get there, we can ensure you arrive connected via our easy eSim plans. Corporates post-pay, paying only for the data used at month end, while leisure travellers now have the option of several simple prepaid eSim bundles. Our EU plans, for example, offer US$10 for 1GB or $40 for 5GB, both valid for 30 days.

Contactless provisioning

ExecMobile offers the easiest way to provision eSim-enabled devices and connect, taking advantage of execMobile’s next-generation EID provisioning capabilities – no need for cumbersome old eSim e-mail/QR code scanning methods. We make it simple for business or leisure travellers to activate an additional data plan on most eSim-enabled devices.

The following eSim-enabled, dual-Sim devices support our eSim data plans:

The benefits are clear:

  • No contract: You can opt out of the service at any time
  • Enhanced coverage: Multiple carrier options are available in all destinations
  • Zero-touch configuration: Once the eSim is installed, your device will be automatically configured
  • Dual Sim – one for data and one for voice: Keep your current line for voice and text and use us for data
  • High-speed connectivity: LTE networks are available in all destinations
  • Simple data plans: Stay connected to anywhere you go

About execMobile

ExecMobile delivers innovative, enterprise-grade security, global connectivity and IoT services. Our secured network of 600+ mobile carriers across more than 200 countries ensures superior data connectivity between business, people and things wherever the device is located.

Founded in 2010, we have been delivering revolutionary Sim technology, powerful management platforms and a robust global network. Our leading-edge solutions deliver a streamlined, centralised and scalable means of deploying and managing organisations’ global fleet of devices. Our experts assist in every step of the device on-boarding process to ensure you are set up to meet your organisation’s connectivity needs.

Enterprise customers can manage, monitor and optimise data usage in real-time with execMobile’s dynamic software platform. Gain visibility by application type and have the power to safe list applications and limit non-business applications with the click of a button, saving money and improving compliance.

Our superior technology combined with our solid strategic partnerships provide our customers with the perfect balance of the benefits of a local and roaming carrier. We deliver the reach of a global carrier with the quality of a local one with a single carrier that has flexible offerings, and sustainability at competitive rates. For more, visit execMobile.


Free APN migration ensures 50% saving with execMobile’s managed mobile data

ExecMobile offers month-to-month mobile data rates, saving you 50% on corporate mobile data costs. The company’s Sim management platform, SIMpliCity, makes it easy for organisations to manage large numbers of Sims across their user base, optimise connectivity costs and fully manage different subscribers in real-time, on a trusted online portal.

“Allow us access to your APN contract with Vodacom or MTN, and we will provide visibility of those Sims on our SIMpliCity platform at no cost. SIMpliCity offers better visibility of your existing APN Sim base while we move overage Sims or those which have expired to our solution, until the APN can be terminated,” says Casper Spies, head of sales at execMobile.

Here are six great reasons to migrate:

Month-to-month contacts
Companies need flexibility as employees move in and out of the office. Work-from-anywhere users are consuming much more mobile data than before, so we ensure no long-term commitments for needs that vary monthly.

Cost savings
“APNs are dead. Why pay R1 000 per employee per month for 10GB when we charge R299 (70% saving)? At 20GB, APN users would pay R2 000/month, or only R399 with execMobile (80% saving),” says Spies.

APN network and security architecture is outdated for cloud-based applications (Microsoft 365, Teams, Amazon Web Services). APNs were designed for an era when access to the head office data centre was needed. We enable direct Internet access from the user’s Sim.

We offer new age “Sase” (secure access service edge) solutions (NetMotion, zScaler), perfect for remote users while allowing central policy management for all users, including those based in the office.

APNs are rigid, with 24-month contracts for a specified operators’ data bundle size. With execMobile, you can choose the network operator or data allowance monthly.

APNs offer substandard mobile operator portals, control and reporting. We offer SIMpliCity!

Contact us at sales for more information.


IOT for beginners & Tech trends

There are thousands of applications for IoT and many common IoT connectivity technologies. Improving business processes through smart monitoring and designing advanced systems of devices to achieve an application design, IoT has found its way into nearly every corner of business and technology. Choosing the best connectivity option for your IoT device is not as hard as it seems.

Below are some of the most common connectivity options available for IoT.


Ethernet is easy to implement, priced low and has high bandwidth. Ethernet is one of the most common IoT connectivity technologies. Ethernet is great when you need a hard-line uninterrupted link to your device.


WiFi is easy to implement and well understood, WiFi extends Ethernet points’ benefits and gives the flexibility of installing your device in the locations that it’s required without routing cables to a network switch. Whether your device is working in a consumer or enterprise area, WiFi can be ideal, but has power requirements.


A good option for low power connected devices, usually battery powered wearables with a limited connection duration only when the device is being used is Bluetooth.


Cellular connectivity through mobile phone networks offers a different set of IoT connectivity technologies because it uses existing large scale infrastructure and puts a much greater level of control and management directly into the IoT system operators hands.

Options like 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular connections provide wide coverage multi-MBps data connections that are ideal for real-time video streaming or other data intensive applications.

LPWAN Cellular

Extending the traditional high data rate cellular services are newer low data rate methods with corresponding low power requirements. IoT and Cat-M are increasingly popular LPWAN technologies. They can be ideal for balancing the large-scale connection requirements of a widely distributed IoT system combined with the low bandwidth requirements.

IOT Tech Trends 2021

We are set to see interesting developments through the rise of some new technology and the acceleration of existing ones in 2021.

The recent economic changes and shift in global work from home culture leading into 2021 have provided a host of challenges. From remote work to the economic hardship brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations and individuals have truly been dealt a challenging hand. However, with great challenges come great opportunities.

Below is some technology we should keep an eye on.

  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Distributed Cloud
  • As-a-Service
  • Traffic Management
  • Logistics
  • Rise In Public Cloud Spending
  • Edge Computing
  • IoT Trends Will Boost 5G Development
  • Hyper-Automation

Contact us at for more information on our IoT solutions.



Different types of IOT SIMs

An IoT SIM card is a variation of traditional SIM cards, used in personal mobile devices like smartphones, that have additional features designed for IoT devices. This includes things like being more durable, secure and flexible.

IoT devices often have to survive in harsh conditions, being exposed to strong winds, exceptionally high or low temperatures, water and excessive movement. Therefore, IoT SIMs are built to be substantially more rugged than their traditional counterparts.

Standard SIM Card – Best for most commercial applications and what we know as a traditional SIM. This is great for prototyping.

This SIM comes in different sizes, 2FF (mini), 3FF (micro), 4FF (nano). Each of which is compatible with any number of IoT and consumer devices. Each are designed to be able to easily operate with multi-network operators and carriers. These SIMs are enabled to be able to switch carriers with ease, ensuring you are always connected, even when roaming.

Mini-SIM (2FF), this is the industry standard SIM card size and is typically used in devices like vehicles, vending machines and payment points.

Micro-SIM (3FF), the micro-SIM is half the size of the mini and is used in more portable devices like tablets, GPS, mHealth, and other mobile IoT devices.

Nano-SIM (4FF), the nano-SIM is 40% smaller than the micro variation, making it great for small IoT devices.

Industrial SIM Card -Ruggedized for harsh environments with increased reliability and longer life span. These durable and hard-wearing SIMS are created with ruggedized plastic, making them ideal for use with heavy machinery or in challenging conditions.

Able to operate in temperatures from -40C up to 105C, these can also be soldered into machinery, ensuring that they can withstand even the most challenging environments.

eSIM – These are the most popular option for IoT devices and are one of the most durable IoT SIM options. Secured physically to the device for an optimized footprint with all the benefits of an industrial SIM. These IoT SIMs are designed for devices that don’t have a designated SIM slot, rather these are soldered directly into a device’s circuit board at manufacture

Streamline your global or local deployment with our IOT SIM or eSIM. We connect everything, with coverage across 400 mobile carriers under one contract.

Contact us at sales for information on our IOT solutions.


The Difference Between a Regular Smartphone SIM and an IoT SIM

Despite looking identical on the outside, the features and functionality offered by regular SIM cards for smartphones differ vastly compared to IoT SIM cards and using a made-for-enterprise SIM can save your business a lot of time and money.

The key difference lies in functionality and manageability, a regular smartphone SIM card just provides connectivity and doesn’t include the additional functionality offered by IoT connectivity providers. These enterprise-oriented functions are precisely what makes it simpler to scale your business.

IoT SIMs, unlike regular SIMs designed for consumer use, are also available with more durable construction. Industrial-grade SIMs are slightly thicker and certified to be resilient to the elements.

However, IoT SIMs are also available as MFF2 embedded SIMs that are smaller and can be soldered onto a device.

Unlike smartphones, many IoT devices don’t have user interfaces for settings, network status, data usage and other information – some may not even have screens at all. Network operators need to supply customers with such insights on a connected network, data volume used, and costs associated with each device, plus the ability to manage those options and more.

Such management and control features are crucial in many situations.

Such a connectivity management portal would only be available with business-focused network operators.

Regular smartphone SIMs have contract terms that are bound to one local network, with differing terms and rates across foreign networks.

This is when IoT SIMs come into the picture with enterprise-focused features and operators behind them.

IoT SIMs comes with Contract terms that accommodate your specific business needs.

Flexibility to pause, resume and cancel a SIM card subscription, availability of pay-as-you-go tariffs for additional pricing flexibility and a single SIM that allows access to multiple local networks. This gives better coverage within the country since the SIM can now switch between networks, prioritizing the best available one.

Contact us at for more on our IOT SIMs & management platform.

Companies save 50% or more on corporate mobile data with execMobile

ExecMobile, a leading mobile data provider in South Africa, known for saving corporate customers up to 90% on mobile data fees when travelling abroad, now saves corporations 50% on local mobile data – and, in most cases, even more.

Data costs are one of the biggest expenses to companies, with almost all businesses facing challenges managing mobile data tariffs, usage and security. This has been exacerbated since the Covid-19 pandemic as staff began working from home and remotely, and business continuity had to be ensured.

Because of the rapid shutdown, many businesses struggled to get their employees set up in a work-from-home environment, and hasty decisions were made – often leading to unnecessary long-term contractual commitments and high-priced data.

A priority for IT departments is demonstrating cost savings for their organisations. This is where execMobile has shown great success

“A priority for IT departments,” says Jody Carollissen, GM at execMobile, “is demonstrating cost savings for their organisations. This is where execMobile has shown great success, having saved customers upwards of R380-million on roaming fees last year.

“Our customers have enjoyed large savings compared to month-to-month contracts and, coupled with secure remote access, execMobile has allowed them to move away from their high-priced APNs and long-term commitments. We also prioritise peace of mind, offering leading secure remote access solutions,” says Carollissen.

Contact execMobile to save on local and global mobile data

APNs vs execMobile

For many years, most corporations used pooled mobile data plans, more commonly known as pooled APNs. The idea, sold by network operators and service providers, was that pooled data typically makes the management of mobile data much simpler than managing individual data Sims, especially for larger mobile estates.

At face value, pooled data plans look like great value for money. However, pooled mobile data is more expensive per gigabyte than individual plans, even more so when depleting the initial data signed for, resulting in higher out-of-bundle rates.

On average, execMobile customers on APNs were paying R100/GB. With the demand for data on the rise due to remote working, staff were averaging between 10GB and 20GB data consumption per month, meaning organisations were paying about R1 000 for 10GB, and R2 000 for 20GB, per user. A company with 100 users, requiring 20GB each, was spending about R200 000 monthly on data.

According to Carollissen, execMobile clients paid only R36 522 for the same amount of data.

Long-term contracts vs execMobile

Internet access is a critical utility for any business, and cost savings in this area are prioritised. To offer competitive pricing, service providers demand long-term commitments from clients – usually 24 months.

Following the lockdown, a leading South African FMCG company retrenched 500 personnel. This meant that 500 individual data Sim contracts, with 17 months remaining on contract were still active. At a monthly cost of R1 000/month, per Sim, the total value of unused data SIMs totalled R8.5-million.

Using a phased approach to replace contract Sims, execMobile provided a month-to-month solution, with customers selecting the data and call bundles best suited per Sim – eliminating any long-term risk.
Whether requiring local or global connectivity solutions, execMobile offers month-to-month contracts.


As more staff work remotely and are not protected by corporate networks, and as organisations move away from highly-priced APNs that include firewalls, IT departments are rightly concerned. In response, execMobile offers a single app to enforce secure mobile access online, allowing companies to secure work-owned devices, and giving staff safe access to the Internet, software as a service and internal applications.

Starting at R45/user, the application can be used across multiple devices such as laptops, phones and tablets. Traffic is automatically forwarded to a secure cloud environment and security and access policies are enforced, regardless of device, location or application. The app determines if a user is accessing the Internet, a SaaS app or an internal app running in the cloud, and routes mobile traffic through the appropriate security service.

About execMobile
ExecMobile provides organisations with secure mobile Internet connectivity for enterprises, travellers or things. Our global solution with failover capabilities gives organisations superior and unprecedented access to reliable and high-quality Internet, with the lowest latency. Organisations can seamlessly deploy eSim data plans across their user base, optimise connectivity cost and fully manage different subscribers in real time, in a centralised manner. Our local solutions will disrupt the mobile data status quo, providing 2021 requirements to a new world created in 2020. For more, visit for Internet security with zero-trust access to internal apps.

APNs are dead – execMobile can save you 50% on corporate mobile data

South Africa’s leading alternative mobile data provider, execMobile, has many good reasons why customers should cancel their corporate mobile APNs and move to more cost-effective, secure solutions.

Corporate mobile data costs have increased dramatically as employees are forced to work remotely, and mobile data volumes have increased to about 10GB per employee per month. The increase in associated costs for this new normal is due mainly to the extensive use of mobile access point names (APNs) by companies, often paying more than R100/GB.

Why pay R1 000 per employee per month, when execMobile only charges R330 for 10GB (a 67% saving). At 20GB, APN users would pay R2 000/month, or only R420 with execMobile (a 78% saving).

The real costs are even higher for big companies if data centres, firewalls, backhaul and Internet access are all totalled up. Perhaps the most important issue, in South Africa, is that June 2021 sees the implementation of the Protection of Personal Information Act. The lockdown has forced companies to start thinking differently about their cybersecurity. Regardless of where employees are based, the systems must be in place to protect all entry points in such a digitally driven corporate environment. APNs are woeful at this.

ExecMobile believes there are six key reasons why you need to call us today to migrate away from your corporate mobile APN:

  • APNs are overpriced: Work-from-anywhere users are consuming much more data, often with limited controls in place. APNs were designed in an era when less data was consumed, and users needed to access the corporate data centre. Achieve savings of 50% or more on mobile data costs.
  • APNs are outdated: Data centre network and security architecture is outdated for cloud-based services (Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services) where users need to access these from anywhere. We enable access to the Internet directly from the user’s device.
  • APNs are rigid: Twenty-four-month contracts are the norm, as is the need to specify a correct data bundle size to not be charged higher out-of-bundle rates. We offer month-to-month options.
  • APNs are complex: If MTN and Vodacom coverage is needed, multiple APNs are needed, compounding the complexity of choosing correct bundle sizes on each APN and administering multiple platforms. ExecMobile manages multiple vendors to remove complexity.
  • APNs are insecure: APNs offer no endpoint security, relying on policies and anti-everything controls at the central data centre to protect the company. We offer new age SASE (secure access service edge) solutions (Netmotion, zScaler), which are cloud native, perfect for remote users.
  • APNs offer poor management control: Substandard mobile operator portals, together with no standard Radius services (specifically to control usage per Sim) means usage is uncontrolled per user, and monthly reporting even worse. We pride ourselves in the level of management and control we offer companies, to control all mobile data usage.

The proliferation of multi-cloud environments or hybrid IT infrastructures are further driving the need to orchestrate, manage and create security visibility without losing agility and speed.

Why not call execMobile today to see if we are able to reduce your mobile data spend by half and offer you all the above benefits. We have proudly served many companies’ global mobile data needs and are now disrupting the local mobile data market status quo.


About execMobile
ExecMobile provides organisations with secure mobile Internet connectivity for enterprises, travellers or things. Our global solution with failover capabilities gives organisations superior and unprecedented access to reliable and high-quality Internet, with the lowest latency. Organisations can seamlessly deploy eSim data plans across their user base, optimise connectivity cost and fully manage different subscribers in real-time, in a centralised manner. Our local solutions will disrupt the mobile data APN status quo, providing 2021 requirements to a new world created in 2020. For more, visit

Free eSims from execMobile

ExecMobile, South Africa’s leading alternative mobile data provider, has produced its 2019/2020 report, showing it eliminated more than R380-million in mobile data costs for its customers.

2020 has been a tough year, and execMobile wants to ensure access to low-cost mobile data, using the latest eSim technology (for free!), whether you are travelling internationally or need mobile data locally on another network. In the festive spirit, we want to extend these savings to all for the month of December.

Since launching eSIM in September 2019, execMobile changed the telecommunications landscape and provided business travellers an easy way of connecting to multiple local networks abroad. Now we are offering free eSIMs to anyone in need, either by signing up as a new business customer, or prepaying for any once off data needed.

Global and local options

Multiple operators Sim identities are permitted on a single eSim profile, offering, in effect, a second Sim to the customer’s existing Sim. Customers keep their identity with their local operator for incoming and outgoing calls, and critical SMS messages. eSim allows a customer to supplement their local data plan with execMobile’s mobile data eSim plan, with access to 191 countries, including 43 in Africa, ensuring savings of up to 90%.

Customers can choose 5GB of global roaming data for only US$50, or 300MB of local data for R55. These offers span multiple network providers per country, notably all three local networks in South Africa, to ensure coverage while away from home. Contact us at sales to find out more.

Contactless provisioning

ExecMobile offers the easiest way to provision eSim-enabled devices and connect to the Internet worldwide. We streamline organisations’ global or local deployment and ensure secure connectivity wherever the eSim-enabled device is located. This is especially beneficial in supporting organisations business continuity plans during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Customers can now take advantage of execMobile’s next-generation enterprise mobility capabilities without the need to purchase a physical Sim or cumbersome e-mail/QR-code scanning methods, to activate an additional data plan on supported eSim-enabled devices making it easy to use two different data plans on one device.

We provide our customers with centralised and scalable means to deploy, control, monitor and optimise usage for their global fleet of devices

With our management platform, customers have the additional benefits of cybersecurity protection with DDoS attack protection, botnet disruption, malware scanning and prevention, phishing prevention and real-time malicious traffic monitoring, making it the most secure way to connect away from home or the office.

“Most of our Fortune 500 corporate customers rely on Apple and Samsung ranges of devices for their workforce. By supporting eSim plans for these great products, we provide our customers with centralised and scalable means to deploy, control, monitor and optimise usage for their global fleet of devices, “says execMobile GM Jody Carollissen.

As of November 2020, the following eSim-enabled, dual-Sim models support execMobile’s global eSim data plans:

Source: ExecMobile

About execMobile
ExecMobile provides organisations with secure global mobile Internet connectivity for both IoT solutions and business connectivity needs. Our solution with failover capabilities gives organisations superior and unprecedented global access to reliable and high-quality Internet, with low latency. Organisations can seamlessly deploy data plans across their user base, optimise connectivity cost and fully manage different subscribers in real time, in a centralised manner.