Travel expenses – Connectivity Policy

We encounter customers daily who bemoan the dreaded roaming "Bill Shock". A simple policy which governs connectivity when abroad could eliminate risk and reduce the cost of business travel expenses significantly.

While no one want another policy to sign up to, the need for connectivity is such that this may be the easiest policy to implement. It simply states that the company will provide the tools to connect when abroad and provided they are used responsibly, will pay these costs directly. It can even be added to the existing travel policy.

The improvement in business process efficiency resulting from removing tedious travel claims (relating to a service as essential as travel or accommodation!) should be appealing to the end-user and the company.

The company is able to govern the method for connecting overseas by evaluating the available solutions and making it clear that if their chosen connectivity method is not used, the user will pay for the associated costs. Compliance is assured.

A simple tool which results in a massive risk reduction for a customer. This is essential when a user can easily run up hundreds of thousands of Rands inadvertently in the course of a business trip.

Don’t scare your corporate users or force them to turn off (38% of business travellers!). With secure convenient low cost alternatives to public Wi-Fi, you are now able to provide a simple policy and the travel tools required to keep your users connected globally whilst improving productivity.