Map options when travelling

Maps are incredibly useful but can be incredibly expensive when travelling – they are very data-rich and constantly update themselves as you move around.

One option if you don’t have connectivity is to download maps ahead of the trip to view offline. provides guides and maps for 116 cities that can be stored on your device and therefore do not incur data charges when accessed. They can also interact with a GPS chip to give accurate positioning.

Google Maps also offers offline access. Just zoom into the map area you will be exploring and a menu option will make it available offline. The map section is then downloaded to your device and a much wider area can be viewed than on a simple city map.

Alternatively, take mobile Wi-Fi with you and remove the hastle!

Corporate Data Security

The best information source we have found that addresses key concerns

Hotel Wi-Fi concerns

Do not use hotel provided tablets or devices for internet access

The mighty SMS

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Do not organise a funeral for SMS just yet

While SMS is losing the mobile messaging war against players like WhatsApp and Facebook, the service is still a valuable business tool.

Many businesses and financial institutions use SMSs to communicate with their customers, especially when security is a concern.

The fact that SMSs work on any mobile phone, and is a robust technology which offers an asynchronous communication channel, means it is still unmatched in the business world.

For now, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and BBM cannot offer the security, delivery guarantees, and ubiquitous support of SMS. Until that happens, SMS still has a prominent place in the mobile environment.