Roam abroad securely for only R59/day or 8c/MB with execMobile

Roaming specialists expand high speed, low cost solutions to make it easier to remain connected when abroad.

Johannesburg, South Africa – June, 2016

execMobile, the leading provider of connectivity solutions for business travellers today announced new low-cost solutions for leisure travellers. The company, which prides itself on crafting secure, low-cost alternatives to keep corporate travellers connected and mobile, will offer leisure travellers solutions that suit different travel patterns and user behaviour.

“We are thrilled to offer solutions based on our customers’ feedback”, says founder and MD of execMobile, Craig Lowe. “Poor quality static hotel or coffee shop Wi-Fi simply does not meet the needs of travellers who demand services like Google Maps or Uber when abroad. Global travellers require secure mobility; protected Internet access anywhere, anytime. I believe our low-cost options offer simpler ways to remain connected.”

execMobile has been providing roaming alternatives for outbound South African travellers since 2010. The company revealed it has been working with its partners abroad to reduce the cost of mobile data connectivity and also offer new innovative “activate on arrival” solutions that remove complexity and offer peace of mind to ensure travellers can arrive connected.

Lowe continues, “We have based our offers to the market on extensive customer feedback and research. For example, we analysed our corporate customers’ data usage and surprisingly found the average around 50MB per device per day in 2015, so we now offer connectivity from R59/day. Leisure travellers needed more data, valid for longer periods; our 1-12GB Value offers are valid for up to 90 days, activate on arrival and cost as little as 8c/MB.”

In an effort to meet customers’ need for geographic expansion, execMobile now offers coverage in 149 countries.

To learn more about the new Value, Smart and Pro solutions, contact our office at 011 706 5961 or email, or visit the website at

About execMobile

execMobile is all about staying connected abroad without costly surprises.

Our worldwide mobile broadband solutions eliminate data roaming charges while keeping you online wherever you go.

execMobile’s mobile Wi-Fi is developed in association with various partners. Our long standing relationship with various operators allow us to innovate and continually adapt our solutions to meet the market’s needs. The company is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since the launch of execMobile in the spring of 2010, we have rapidly expanded the service to offer global coverage and made execMobile THE global solution for combating excessive data costs and lack of internet access.