About PocketWifi

execMobile provides a secure, mobile Wifi device to provide connectivity when and where it is needed. When abroad simply switch on the device and it will connect to a primary local carrier, at near local cost. Our savings are 99% compared to standard roaming rates, or at least 58% better3 than operators’ best rates. Any Wi-Fi capable device can connect to the PocketWifi, providing travellers with their own personal, secure connection to the internet. This POPI compliant connection is available on arrival and when mobile. Voice and Video are supported via any of the standard Over The Top (OTT) apps such as Skype, WhatsApp or MS Lync.

The Pocket Wifi is not restricted to a single user, so can be pooled for availability to whoever is making the next trip. Additionally, up to 10 devices or users can be connected concurrently; this means a group travelling together could use the same PocketWifi. Importantly, we offer local pre-paid data for South Africa from 7c/MB, enabling the device to be used at home.

The execMobile PocketWifi solution meets all the needs of today’s Business Traveller, with high security and low cost. We eliminated R138m in potential roaming costs for our customers in 2015!


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