Roaming: don’t break the bank

Travellers need access to on-line services, whenever they travel. It should therefore not be surprising that 61% choose to avoid exorbitant mobile roaming all together1 and opt for public Wi-Fi services to stay connected. In a mobile world however, there there is a need for global mobile data (think Google Maps or Uber, not hotel of coffee shop), it may come as some relief that whilst execMobile’s 2016 Annual Outbound Report shows 98% savings against operators standard rates, it also indicates 51% saving over their best rates.

The 2016 Annual Outbound Report analyses terabytes of data consumed by execMobile’s corporate customers in more than 65 countries. It shares significant insight into the most frequented business destinations, the average usage per device per day and that execMobile eliminated more than R121m in roaming costs for these corporates.

Roaming is a complex ecosystem. International roaming is ensured with bilateral roaming agreements between operators. An operator typically has between 250 and 500 data roaming partners and it’s not uncommon to have up to 700 partners globally. The sheer expense and time that operators need to commit to keep the agreements updated explains one part of roaming being so costly.

The other key part is that operators can only affect rates on their own networks, which also limits geographical and in-country coverage. execMobile’s PocketWifi uses disruptive multi SIM technology to eliminate complexity and cost, offering corporates near local rates in 149 countries.

The operators best roaming rates remain expensive, albeit that they have improved since 20152. These costs remain high either because there are hidden subscriptions costs or T&Cs which limit the rates to certain networks. The execMobile report shows that 2.87 devices on average were connected to their PocketWifi device per day – expensive when operators’ daily subscription fees of R30 or R60 per device apply. Even worse when R1/MB rates are advertised, but unless the user manually selects the correct partner network to roam on, the rate could be as high asR350/MB!

With rates as low as 8c/MB for pre-paid leisure bundles or from only R59/day for post-paid corporate average daily usage2, execMobile’s expanded solution portfolio offers every traveller an option to remain abroad connected, mobile and secure, without breaking the bank.

Access to the 2016 Annual Outbound Report can be obtained from execMobile by sending your details to

About execMobile

We offer international travellers Internet access anytime, anywhere and from any mobile device at a fraction of the cost of your current mobile operators’ rates.

Our PocketWifi is a handheld device which provides you with wireless internet access wherever you go. It works just like any other Wi-Fi hotspot – but it’s personal, secure and fits in your pocket. It really is the ultimate travel companion. We can also service those that still prefer a simple travel SIM.

Voice and Video are supported via any of the standard Over-The-Top (OTT) apps such as Skype, WhatsApp or MS Lync. Imagine the freedom of traveling abroad with internet access, just like at home.

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