Mobile Data Roaming: costs & security under control!

execMobile’s mobile data roaming platform offers companies an easy way to secure travellers endpoint devices and fight cyber threats with their Clean Pipe solution.

Johannesburg, South Africa – Mar 2018

“We know what it takes to step up from good to great, so we developed some unique capabilities that really make the difference”, Dejay Swanepoel from execMobile begins. “Through our roaming platform you can dive into the application layer and understand everything about the traffic that your travellers generate, to block certain services, or enable specific protocols.”

execMobile minimizes risks to online threats such as malwares and viruses by allowing users to access only authorized websites and applications via a personal, secured hotspot.

PocketWifi is a compact, lightweight Multi-SIM mobile hotspot that can work with up to 10 mobile devices at once. execMobile’s SIM cards enable mobile data services in over 150 countries worldwide, via over 300 leading mobile carriers. All travellers must do is turn it on; no setup or installation is required.

“We will fight cyber threats for you with our Clean Pipe solution which includes DDoS attack protection, Botnet disruption, Malware scanning and prevention, Phishing prevention and Real-time malicious traffic monitoring”, continues Swanepoel. There is no need to equip each endpoint device with Antivirus or VPN software as the traffic is securely encrypted on the device and sent via the platform, but rather equips employees with the most advanced and cost-efficient roaming solution, ensuring they are ready for with enterprise grade features and capabilities.

The network is based on worldwide tier1 mobile carriers’ 3G, 4G and LTE networks connectivity, that routs through various ISP sites around the world, for the fastest most advanced managed network out there.

“The network has full redundancy on both the carrier and the ISP side, with over 300 mobile carriers and multiple ISP sites around the world. With our dependable network, you can be assured that the highest quality of service is always at your employees’ fingertips.” concludes Swanepoel.

execMobile Opinion

These days, the computers most vulnerable to cyber threats in the enterprise are mobile phones and tablets. Security teams seem totally blind to the growing risks these devices pose for the enterprise and worse, are unable to deal with threats as they appear. Many enterprises manage device access to corporate resources, networks and identity, but they can’t remediate a threat they can’t identify.

As more of our computing goes directly from mobile devices to cloud services, network threat detection solutions are ineffective since data often resides outside the corporate data centre. Customers need to adopt a non-signature based mobile threat detection software to protect the organization and its data. It’s a serious and growing concern for all CEOs and CIOs.

Gartner’s predictions for endpoint and mobile security

  • Mobile malware has not been an issue in the eyes of enterprises so far; however, mobile attacks are increasing in both number and pragmatism.
  • Non-signature-based anti-malware solutions are increasingly effective and will soon displace local endpoint signature database maintenance.
  • Microsoft’s built-in tools provide comprehensive security policies for Office 365 yet provide limited integration with other common SaaS applications.
  • Many organizations continue to use portable flash media to carry and share data physically between work systems, business contacts and so on, without benefit of rigorous oversight.
  • Users readily share or copy business information into their mobile and cloud storage systems, and pass even more through personal email accounts, without considering the consequences.

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