execMobile deploys eSIM profile technology

South Africa’s leading alternative global mobile data provider is proud to announce that it has made eSIM profile technology available to customers, allowing global travelers, enterprises and IoT devices seamlessly connectivity in 192 countries.

The SIM for the next generation of connected devices, Embedded SIM or eSIM, is a global specification by the GSMA which enables remote SIM provisioning of any mobile device.

eSIM connects devices such as mobile telephones, laptops, tablets, watches, health bands and IoT devices to a mobile network, without having to insert a physical SIM card.

“We are continuing our journey to connect our customers, irrespective of where in the world they are or want to be. Significant progress has been made globally, in preparing for the adoption of eSIM technology, with South Africa lagging quite far behind, despite all the talk from the major local operators”, says Jody Carollissen, General Manager, execMobile.

“We have been using a physical SIM which supports eSIM technology for more than a year in our travelers’ devices, so now the addition of eSIM profiles will expand our solutions to manufacturers and devices. We see this as another important step in execMobile’s evolution to simplify the life of our customers, enabling even more of their devices to now be connected seamlessly”, Carollissen continued.

Carollissen confirmed that execMobile’s eSIM profiles work with any GSMA compliant embedded SIM device, notably most IoT devices. For consumer products, many manufacturers are yet to launch eSIM capabilities on their devices, specifically mobile phones, laptops and tablets. execMobile currently supports corporate customers’ iPhones which support eSIM profiles. Google and Samsung support will be offered within the next quarter.

Although supported eSIM consumer devices may be limited initially, execMobile’s PocketWifi and global SIM make use of the same “Over the Air” (OTA) technology to provide access to global mobile data for travelers and standard SIM devices. Carollissen is now targeting corporates within the IoT, industrial machinery, tracking and telemetry industries to partner with execMobile to provision and manage their SIM’s globally. Notably, execMobile’s coverage includes more than 30 African countries.

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